SDA Projects

SDA Awards

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SDA Awards are aimed at promoting excellent sign designs by exposing outstanding sign designs to the public. Started in 1965, this is the only award system in Japan to honor sign designs. The awards are given once a year to outstanding sign designs that are selected from high-quality entries.

Development Business

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Some of the projects that SDA has managed are the re-designing of symbols/figures for a general guide requested by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the total design of the Nanakuma Line of the Fukuoka Municipal Subway.
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The SDA has published various books on sign designs.
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Reseach and Development

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Projects related to research and development are handled mainly by the Business and Research & Development Committees. Various studies and research are conducted on existing signs in order to improve them and to achieve more accurate communication of information and to create a more pleasing environment.