SDA Organization

Administrative Structure

General Meeting
The general meeting is composed of regular members and is intended to resolve important administrative matters for the association. An ordinary meeting is held once a year in the spring. District offices take turns regarding the decision concerning the meeting location.
Board of DirectorsThe board consists of 21 directors and 2 controllers and is responsible for executing matters resolved at the general meeting.
District Liaison MeetingThis meeting is for representative secretaries from each district and manages the nationwide organization. Also, it implements seminars and other business plans for each district.
Committee Liaison MeetingThis meeting is attended by chairpersons from each committee. It implements projects after receiving resolutions made by the board of directors.
Organization for Implementation of Activities

Activities of the SDA can be divided into two categories; “committee activities” which are handled mainly by each committee consisting of members selected nationwide and “regional activities” implemented by each district.

Committee Activities

Activities are to conduct research and to popularize good sign designs. Members are allowed to join any committee of their choice.

Regional Activities

The country is divided into 8 districts, namely Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku and Kyushu. Activities unique to a district are implemented locally by each district.
A representative secretary and a secretary for each district support their local activities.

  1. Study Group in Each District
    A study group in each district works on various sign design subjects several times a year. Opinions are actively exchanged each time. This is the basis for regional activities.
  2. Observation Tour
    Tours are conducted by each district to observe signs in various locations including overseas.
PresidentKei Miyazaki
Vice-presidentMakoto Takeuchi
Vice-presidentRyouzo Takeyama
Senior DirectorTsuneo Mugishima
Executive DirectorToshimitsu Sadamura
Executive DirectorKatsuhiro Shimazu
Executive DirectorKozo Yamada
Executive DirectorTaro Watanabe
Executive DirectorKunio Hisada
Executive DirectorKyoko Kaneda
Executive DirectorIsao Miyazawa
Executive DirectorMaya Nakamuta
Executive DirectorJunko Watabe
Director Hiroshi Igei
DirectorMakoto Okawahara
DirectorJunichi Kawanishi
DirectorTatsumi Takamaru
DirectorMasaki Takeda
DirectorYoshio Hayashi
DirectorYasunori Matsubuchi